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"Jacky is an inspiring and wonderfully encouraging yoga teacher. Come to a class and you will be hooked. There is also a lot of fun too !"  Michelle

"Always feel completely refreshed after a session with Jacky. My lower back pain disappears after the weekly build-up of sitting in my work chair. Wish I could do a mid-week session too."  Ian

"Jacky brings such joy and enthusiasm to each class and her Friday regulars display such grace, love and fearlessness that one cannot help but be inspired. Friday’s classes are billed as ‘gentle’ but do not be deceived! Jacky’s emphasis is strongly on alignment, posture and breath. In such a short time I can feel my posture, strength and flexibility improve. I leave each Fridays class not just energised but with such a tremendous sense of calm." Justine

"Yoga with Jacky was so so good! She makes sure we understand the positions and gives advice on positions if there are any injuries from the past. I feel calm after the lesson and ready to take on my day. Looking forward to the next lesson."  Liane

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