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How Can Nutritional Therapy Help You?

Slow down biological aging

Increase energy levels

Improve sleep

Optimise digestion

Balance blood sugar

Optimise your wellbeing

Manage stress

Other positive side effects

What to Expect

The discovery call serves to discuss your goals and identify the appropriate programme for you.

During the initial consultation, we dive deep into the root cause of your symptoms.

The plan is set up to make long-lasting transformation, my approach can help you achieve your goals. We will evaluate your lifestyle, diet and habits.

Functional testing may be recommended to assess nutritional in-balances and inform personalised diet and lifestyle recommendations to support your wellbeing.

Initial Consultation

A 60 minute session face-to-face or online, to take a detailed case history, to gain a comprehensive overview of your current health concerns and goals, medical history, symptoms in every system of the body, lifestyle and physical activity, as well as a diet analysis.


I will provide you with a plan during a 30 minute follow-up consultation, the plan will consist of tailored diet and lifestyle suggestions, supplement recommendations, and some sample meal recipes for inspiration.


The severity of the symptoms could possibly lead me to recommend some testing with your GP or functional testing privately.

Follow-up consultations are generally monthly to monitor your progress and assess if any adjustments are needed.

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A 60 minute consultation, followed by a

30 minute follow up consultation.

3 Month Plan
Guidance & Coaching

Following an initial consultation, I will guide you through 5 sessions over three months to help you on your health journey

6 Month Plan
Guidance & Coaching

Following an initial consultation, I will guide you every 3 weeks over six months to help you on your health journey

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